Unwanted Tattoos in Lisburn

Laser Tattoo RemovalLaser treatment is a popular technique that used to fade and remove unwanted tattoos. We used the Q-switched Nd: YAG laser to fade the tattoos. This has two separate wavelengths so that different coloured inks can be treated. The bright light of the laser heats up the tattoo ink, breaking it down and causing it to fade. Call our salon in Lisburn today.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The fading will take time and multiple sessions will be required. Black ink will absorb the laser light well and will therefore give the best results. Green and red ink can prove quite stubborn but will shift eventually. Amateur Indian ink tattoos respond very well to treatment and yield the quickest results.

As with all laser treatments, this laser tattoo removal carries a small risk of scarring/pigmentation loss and it is prudent to understand this before embarking on further treatments.


  • Small/Medium Tattoo – £50 per session
  • Large Tattoo – £75 per session

All prices will reduce to £35 and £50 respectively after the fourth treatment.

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